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Nowadays science demands a high degree of motivation, international orientation, learning skills, independent working, reconciliation of own interests with future occupation and economical thinking. The goal of SymBioSE is to support student matters in every aspect mentioned. SymBioSE is the annual Symposium of Biology Students in Europe. It creates an opportunity for Biology students from all over Europe to get together to inspire each other, discuss their future and the future of Biology, and to think about concerns arising from biological research.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


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If you want to send greetings, use the newly configured guestbook. In our opinion it is great to send us something. So we're really looking forward to read your messages in the guestbook!
We also offer some other ways of contacting us:

Sending e-mail on symbiose.adm@gmail.com
Finding us in Skype via username symbiose_org
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... or simply search for Symbionts in social networks, such as Facebook:

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