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Nowadays science demands a high degree of motivation, international orientation, learning skills, independent working, reconciliation of own interests with future occupation and economical thinking. The goal of SymBioSE is to support student matters in every aspect mentioned. SymBioSE is the annual Symposium of Biology Students in Europe. It creates an opportunity for Biology students from all over Europe to get together to inspire each other, discuss their future and the future of Biology, and to think about concerns arising from biological research.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Joelle's announcement

My dear Symbionts,

How are you doing? I guess most of you are back home and are trying to adjust to normal life.. I think “lovesick” would describe best how I feel right now, because I miss SymBioSE and all you guys so much!!

But I found 2 cures to deal with this heartsickness:
  1. Relive all those happy moments with the photos on Facebook :) and listen to Murat Dalkilic “La Fontaine”;
  2. Be a Symbiont all year through.
For me and the Swiss team this means: use all the energy gained in Turkey for the organization of the next SymBioSE in Switzerland.

For you this means: stay engaged and help us!

As you know, we had several National Assemblies in this SymBioSE. During the 2nd and 3rd session, I was taking notes which I would like to share with you. I tried to catch as many personal statements as possible, because there is not one truth about SymBioSE and how it should look like, but each of us is a crucial part and together we shape SymBioSE. If you care about SymBioSE, please have a look at the minutes.

..and the second way of engagement:

For the continuation of SymBioSE it is very important to have new Symbionts every year. That means that we have to promote SymBioSE in all European biology faculties. Some years ago our SymBioSE friends invested a lot of effort and created an MS Excel file with all the addresses. So don’t worry – most of the work has already been done! It is just time to update and revise this document.

  • Each country should define one representative who takes care of this task. This person will then check the sheet about his country only;
  • Check if the contact information is still correct. Especially verify e-mail addresses! Try to fill gaps in the table and use the corresponding columns for street, code and city (sometimes they are in one column now);
  • Add the contact information of your student associations;
  • Use the first column to track if the information has been updated;
  • Please send the file back to me (or to symbiose.adm@gmail.com) by the end of September 2010.

Thank you all for your commitment to SymBioSE! Hope to stay in touch with all of you!
Huge symbiontic hug!


SymBioSE 2010 National Assembly 2 (PDF, 397 kb)
SymBioSE 2010 National Assembly 3 (PDF, 378 kb)

List of Biology Faculties in Europe (05.10.2010; XLS, 556 kb)

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